Complete least three days prior to your Life & Legacy Planning Session so that we can understand your situation prior to our meeting.  For couples (married or not), please provide complete information for Client 1 and Client 2. If single, fill in Client 1 only.

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General Document Request

It is important that we review copies of the following documents to make effective planning recommendations. Please have these ready to review during your session:

  1. Deeds to real estate owned by you.
  2. Financial statements (most recent) bank accounts, investment accounts,
    retirement accounts, and annuities.
  3. Premarital or Marital Agreement.
  4. Long-Term Care Policies.
  5. Divorce Decree or Property Settlement Agreement requiring future payments (child or
    spousal support, maintain life insurance policy, etc.).
  6. Tax Returns - personal, corporate, or partnership (most recent).
  7. Gift tax, estate tax, or trust tax returns (any previously filed).
  8. Existing documents (wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health care directives, etc.).