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Free Webinar: The Power of a Plan
1. The three biggest fears that prevent us from planning
2. ​What you, your children, and loved ones face without a plan
3. ​How to complete yours (and what it costs)

Free Presentation:
The Power of a Plan

Tue, 01/09, 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Wed, 01/10, 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Secrets for Happier Life: Reduce stress, anxiety, and worry about things that might go wrong in the future, with an Estate Plan that is professionally prepared and kept up to date.

The Power of a Plan: Join us to discover the value of effective planning, and the peace of mind it can bring to you today, your family tomorrow, and for generations to come.

TrustCounsel Motto:  "Don't Worry - Be Ready"

 “I’ve known David for 30 years. I trust his advice, and naturally went to him to prepare my own estate plan. Going through the process, I was impressed by his holistic approach, going over my assets and values, and how best to convey both to those I love.”

- Matthew Levine

“David did my parents’ estate plans many years ago, and worked with us recently to prepare my family’s plan too. It is very comforting to work with someone that will consider the relationships across multiple generations.”

- Evelyn Sakata

“Not just an excellent lawyer, David has the instinctive business skills and cross cultural sensitivities that are critical to representing a large multinational organization. He is a pleasure to work with.”

- Brian D. Beglin