Family People

You love your family.

You want to ensure things are as easy as possible for them if and when something happens to you.

You show your love through acts of service. You want to pass on what you have worked so hard for your entire life and do it in a way that feels good and full of ease.

​And your wealth isn’t measured just by the dollars in the bank, but by the well-being of the people you love.

You may be single, married, have children or not. The one common denominator is that you truly and deeply care about the people in your life and you want to make things as easy as possible for them​ when something happens​.

You are not alone. We are here to help.

​For the specifics of estate planning based on your situation, check out our details ​on our menu under "Who You Are."

No matter your situation, this important planning will give you peace of mind that the people and things you care about are protected.

Steps To Protect Yourself And Family Now

  1. Create or update your Healthcare Directives; 
  2. Name Temporary Guardians for your minor children, and plan for their protection if you are unable to be with them;
  3. Establish your Power of Attorney for Financial Management, so that your named Agent can take action for you if you can't; and
  4. Share these with those you've named, so that they are aware, ready, and prepared to act if needed.