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I am passionate about securing your life and business with planning that allows your vision to come to life. I am currently meeting each client over the phone or videoconference. I look forward to learning about your story. If my services are a good fit we can move forward. Talk to you soon

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Our Vision

  • Protect Yourself and Family Now — We'll help you face life's challenges, like the risks related to the Coronavirus and COVID-19: (1) Create or update your Healthcare Directives; (2) Name Temporary Guardians for your minor children, and plan for their protection if you are unable to be with them; (3) Establish your Power of Attorney for Financial Management, so that your named representative can take action for you if you can't; and (4) Share these with those you've named, so that they are aware, ready, and prepared to act if needed.
  • Proactive Business and Life Planning—WE WILL GET PAST THIS CRISIS! Organize your life NOW by making your own Personal Resource Map. With it, you'll manage better today, and be prepared for future opportunities and challenges as life unfolds for you and those you care about.  
  • Practical Solutions Now - Trusted Advice Tomorrow—We understand the value of long-term relationships, and believe that our success depends on yours. We're absolutely committed to this, and to be here for you in the future.

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