Helping You Plan For Life Well Lived

We focus on the needs of individuals and families. We understand you are BUSY, planning for a life of prosperity and you value ease, convenience and efficiency.

You are raising children and caring for elderly parents while also working hard to build your own nest egg for a lifetime of support.

We help you make decisions, with a plan that supports loved ones when they need it most. You want to know that your minor children will be raised by the people you choose, and never by anyone you wouldn't want, and that your children are prepared to care for themselves, and what you leave behind. You want to be confident that you won't be leaving a mess for others to clean up.

This is our focus as well.

Our planning and support systems provide a level of planning support once available only to the super-wealthy, along with guidance to build and maintain prosperity and wealth from now on.

Our plans have built-in protections to keep your family out of court and out of conflict, which is the greatest risk to the people you love and all you have created.

We can do this even if you've worked with a traditional lawyer or created DIY documents online.

We Are Here For You

We encourage your communication. You never have to worry about the cost of calling with a quick question,, because everything we do is billed on a flat-fee basis, agreed to in advance.

Call us for answers to quick questions, or schedule online for a more in-depth legal or strategic call.

Attention to details of your planning and ensuring that your plan work throughout your life.

We offer funding coordination to ensure your assets are owned the right way throughout your life and that none of your assets end up going through a long, expensive court process or lost to the state department of unclaimed property because they were missed after your death.

Our maintenance programs are designed to keep your plan up-to-date year after year as well as to provide access to experts for guidance on any legal or financial matter.

One day you will need a lawyer.

When you do need a lawyer, call on us and we'll be here to advise you.

We Help Increase and Preserve Your Family Wealth

Lastly, we know that your financial wealth is only a small part of your overall Family Wealth.

"Family Wealth" is made up of your assets that are far more valuable than money - your intellectual, spiritual and human assets, most often lost upon incapacity or death.

These assets are what make you who you are, and sum up what is most important to you.

More valuable than inheriting money, is inheriting these intangible assets.

Most estate plans focus only on the transfer of financial wealth to the next generation. Despite having the intention of passing on the intangible, very few of us ever get around to it.

Family Wealth can be preserved before it's too late.

How much do you know about your grandparents' values? Their most prized personal possessions? How they felt about you? What they had learned during their lifetime? If you are like most people, you know very little.

We design estate plans to capture and pass these most valuable assets to the people you love.

In addition to your financial assets, we help you increase, preserve, and transfer your values, insights, stories, and experiences – truly valuable assets your loved ones and future generations will care about the most.

Let's talk about this more during your own Wealth Planning Session.

We look forward to seeing you and caring for your family soon!

David Talley

P.S. Worried that our services will be too expensive?
I can assure you that the cost of planning is substantially less than it would be for your family if you become incapacitated or die with a plan that doesn't work, or if you don’t plan at all. We also offer financing, to ensure that planning is affordable for practically everyone.