4 Tips for Talking About Estate Planning With Your Family Over the Holidays

  4 Tips for Talking About Estate Planning With Your Family Over the Holidays  With COVID-19 still raging, your 2020 holiday season may not feature the big family get-togethers of years past, but you’ll still likely be visiting with loved ones in some fashion, whether via video chat or in smaller groups. And though the … Read more

Silverado Fire Sparks Digital Transformation

On Mon, my family joined the 100K ordered to evacuate as Southern California’s  Silverado Fire approached. Driving to safety, I couldn’t help but think of everything we’d left behind…all our memories – art, books, family albums, heirlooms passed down through four generations…things my wife and I collected and curated during our life together… Then I … Read more

6 Changes to Watch For In Your 2020 Taxes

Although you may have just filed your 2019 income taxes in July, now is the time to start thinking about your 2020 return due next April. While it’s always a good idea to be proactive when it comes to tax planning, it’s particularly important this year. In addition to annual updates for inflation, the Coronavirus … Read more

Once Your Kids Are 18, Make Sure They Sign These Documents

  While estate planning is probably one of the last things your teenage kids are thinking about, given the dire threat coronavirus represents, when they turn 18, it should be their (and your) number-one priority. Here’s why: At 18, they become legal adults in the eyes of the law, so you no longer have the authority to … Read more

Lose An Old 401(k)? 6 Tips to Find It


  The days of working for a single employer for decades until you retire are over. Today, you are much more likely to change jobs multiple times during your career. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, today’s workers have held an average of 12 jobs by the time they reach their 50s. Since people … Read more

The Need For a Go-Bag Is Even More Important During a Pandemic


  In response to a series of wildfires that ravaged Southern California in 2017, we look to this article explaining why your family should have a “go-bag” ready in the event a natural disaster or other emergency strikes your home. Go-bags originated with the US military, which requires its personnel to always keep one on-hand … Read more